Panelized ADU Builders

30 Day Build. Half the Cost.

What is an ADU?

ADU stands for accessory dwelling unit. Other names include mother-in-law units, apartments, backyard homes, casitas, and guest houses. Each accessory dwelling is considered a secondary housing unit from the main single-family house, meaning you can rent them out. There are different types of ADUs, such as garage conversions, detached or attached units, along with many others, each meant to serve different purposes.

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How it Works

Initial Consultation Call

We chat through your ADU goals during a 15 minute call and provide an overview of the build process. We want to get to know YOU and learn how we can best meet and exceed your goals.

Zoom Demo

We provide a 30 minute presentation and answer questions so you can visually see the ADU and imagine how it will fit into your life and property.

ADU-Ready Assessment

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your property and jurisdiction to find out if there are any red flags up front. Not sure if you'll have enough water pressure going up a sloped grade? We'll find out BEFORE we move on to start the project.

Sign Build Agreement

All potential red flags are brought up, features are chosen, and we provide an official quote to build your ADU.

Permit + Off-Site Work

We start ordering our panels and materials while submitting plan-sets. By the time your plan sets are approved we are ready to ship all materials to your ADU address to start work.

On-Site Construction

Site preparation, foundation installed, structure constructed, solar panels installed, and finishes applied. All in less than 30 days.

Why hire ADU.Works?

ADU.Works will work with any property owner who wishes to build a detached ADU. Our plan sets are pre-designed and engineered to fit different needs, property limitations, and matched to your existing home’s style. We build our homes for a fixed price and with transparent timelines. You have the capacity to choose specific features on the interior for every plan set. Our packages are complete and ready for you, saving you an immense amount of time, money and headache. 

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