Full-Service ADU Builder

Our Story

We wanted to create attractive flats for people looking for affordable living in great locations after living in ADUs ourselves. We wanted to ensure that our generation had access to affordable housing. We also saw an opportunity for us to help families by providing homeowners with a passive rental income stream while also increasing the value of their properties.

A quick look around, however, revealed that ADUs remained prohibitively expensive or otherwise unappealing. They took an awful lot of time to construct and both the customer service and the process were poor. When it came to obtaining permits, customers were left to their own devices.

We knew things could be so much better – so we did something about it. Through our network, we put together a team with years of experience in building projects, project management, design, surveying, restorations, and engineering to build the future of housing.

Meet the Team

Conrad Kimball

Co-founder + CEO

Luz Acosta

Co-founder + COO

Ace Velarde

Co-founder + CPO

Eric Davis

General Contractor

Claudio Coletta

Structural Engineer

Kalhiel Dillard

Head of Sales

David Reyes

Head of Marketing

Joy Jimenea

Project Associate

Kevin Htet

Project Coordinator

Our Objectives

ADU.Works aspire to achieve the following goals:

  1. Deliver attractive, modern backyard homes at a lower cost with the great build quality.
  2. Hands-on approach from beginning to end, focusing on transparency and communication.
    Increase homeowner profitability by maximizing ROI with smart data & a defined strategy.
  3. Utilize cutting-edge, smart technologies to achieve true, “value-efficient” sustainability.
  4. Give back to our community in any way we can.

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