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ADU.Works is a low-cost, no-compromise ADU builder serving Orange County and the rest of the California area.

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Are you a homeowner or investor in the Orange County area looking to add an ADU to your property?

Whether your are looking for a rental unit, a place for family members to stay, or simply extra space for yourself, we can help. Our team of experienced builders and designers will work with you to create the perfect ADU for your needs and budget.

We're the ADU Builders Bay area communities trust

And We're Out to Create A Living Space That Will Make You Proud.

It doesn't matter if you're in San Jose, Oakland, or San Francisco, we'd love to help you build an ADU in the Bay area!

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What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

An accessory dwelling unit is a secondary unit to an existing structure. Property owners normally have an ADU constructed to use as backyard homes, guest rooms, storage spaces, rental properties, and so on.

An ADU can be attached to a primary residence or added to a backyard. In some cases, you can also have a basement or garage conversion, to add living space to your property.

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) typically serves as a residential building, but a property owner can also use it for other purposes, such as providing guest housing, serving as rental properties, functioning as offices, acting as studios, or serving as storage rooms.

By choosing a pre-engineered ADU builder, you gain access to functional space at a fraction of the cost. We offer pre-designed models that enhance your property and leave a lasting impression. Our beautiful ADUs have impressed many people across Orange County and beyond.

About ADU.Works

We are an ADU construction company that's out to change people's lives by building accessory dwelling units that are cost-efficient to the owner, without compromising on quality. As a top-tier ADU contractor in California, our goal is to provide construction services that stand out. We use innovative construction techniques to achieve this.

We startedADU.Works with a desire to become the preferred ADU builders amongst families and communities in the Orange County area and the rest of California.

Our Story

Many of us live in accessory dwelling units ourselves. That's how much we believe in ADUs. But as we looked around, we found that many ADUs on the market were too pricey or didn't have the features we wanted.

Plus, the construction process and customer service weren't as good as they should be.

Construction times were longer than expected.

Customers had to obtain permits themselves. 

We wanted to improve things, so we put together an ADU builder team with experience in construction, project management, design, surveying, restoration, and engineering to create the most beautiful and affordable ADUs in Orange County and the rest of the state of California.

You may see a lot of prefab ADU builders out there... But none like us. We use the best technology possible to come up with quality PRE-ENGINEERED ADUs that have beautiful interior finishes and cost-effective designs and utilize Structural Insulated Panels and Helical Piles to finish faster and be less invasive than traditional builders.

Our Guarantee to You

As an ADU builder out to provide the best ADU services, we commit to help you:

Build an ADU in Orange County that will be beautiful and cost-effective

Provide only the best client service

Use only reliable and quality materials

Adhere to sustainable practices

Use our expertise to build ADUs that maximize your property space

Find the most cost-effective plan possible

Why You Should Own a Bay Area ADU

Building an ADU in Orange County is a stellar idea for many reasons. Here are just some of the multitudes an ADU brings.

  • ADUs raise the property value of an existing space
  • Give you a way to earn rental income
  • Great for multi-family properties that want to expand their space
  • They declutter your main house
  • They're more affordable than primary homes
  • Give your growing family enough space to live comfortably
  • Provide more housing to the people in the region
  • Encourage multi-generational living and keep loved ones close
  • Reduce housing costs
  • Practice sustainable living
  • Have more space for all your stuff

What You Can Do With Your ADU

Wondering what you can do with your own ADU? Here are some of the common use-cases for ADUs.

  • Accommodate retired parents or other family members
  • Turn it into a rental unit for additional income
  • Turn your unit into a guest house
  • Create a detached office space
  • Use it for storage
  • Create a caretaker's quarters
  • Turn it into a music studio
  • House adult children who are job hunting or are in between careers
  • Live in it while you're doing a house remodeling project on your main home
  • Create a backyard cottage

What Makes Us and Our Units Different

We don't like to brag, except when we're talking about our amazing team. We truly believe we have the best ADU builders in the Bay area. We know what it takes to make reliable and beautiful ADUs for our clients.

Everyone from the project manager to the structural engineers behind your new ADU will provide our best work that we can provide to Bay area residents and homeowners.

Our ADUs are designed to blend seamlessly with your existing property and are built to the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency. We use only the quality materials and construction techniques, so you can be sure your ADU will stand the test of time.

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Our ADU Building Process


Initial Consultation

During the Discovery Call, we will get to know you and your ADU needs. Our ADU Specialist will provide you with an overview of our models and processes and schedule a showroom visit to discuss the next steps.


Site Assessment

Our team will conduct a site assessment to determine the feasibility and placement options for your ADU, including evaluating site-specific costs. We will also research your property's jurisdiction and permit requirements and include this information in the feasibility report. This report will also provide an estimate of the total cost of the ADU on your property.


Feasibility Report & Estimated Cost

After the site assessment, we'll create a feasibility report to guide the following of the build process. The report will provide an estimated additional cost based on our base cost of the unit and include a layout of the proposed ADU, along with an estimate of any site-specific work needed to complete the project. Additionally, the report will be used to prepare the engineering of your ADU.


Build Agreement

Once you've decided to move forward, we will provide you with a Build Agreement that outlines the entire process from pre-development and engineering to the delivery of your ADU. This will include specific site-specific costs, the estimated timeline to complete the project, fee schedules, permit requirements, and the estimated cost of your ADU.

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Permitting Process  
SIP Manufacturing & Materials Pocurement  
On-Site Construction  

Places in California We Serve

  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Oakland
  • Marin
  • East Bay
  • Hayward
  • Silicon Valley
  • And More
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