California ADU Laws + Regulations

Senate Bill 1069 reduces or eliminates parking requirements and utility hook-up fees. It also speeds up the approval process for second units attached to a primary residence.

Assembly Bill 2299 goes further than SB1069, requiring local second-unit ordinances to include ministerial, non-discretionary approval for any second unit that meets city requirements.

Assembly Bill 2406 streamlines the process for homeowners converting an existing bedroom into an attached studio living unit.

Senate Bill 9 allows property owners to split a single-family lot into two lots, add a second home to their lot or split their lot into two and place duplexes on each.

Senate Bill 10 makes it easier for cities to zone for smaller, lower-cost housing developments of up to 10 units to address California’s housing crisis. 

These laws will speed up the approval process of ADU construction and make it less expensive to build by removing impact fees that have been paid for by the primary dwelling owners. Furthermore, the laws will eliminate parking requirements for ADUs located in proximity to public transit. Visit here for the most updated information on the ADU Laws from the California Legislature. ADU. Works stays on top of the local zoning ordinances in the Bay Area while focusing on cities that promote ADU construction.

Check out the latest ADU laws and regulations in your city: