ADU.Works Opens Their First Showroom Facility


The popularity of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, had been booming in California; and for good reason. These small homes are an affordable option for homeowners who need more living space, and they can be used to generate rental income. With the rising cost of housing in the state, there’s been a big movement to build more low-cost ADUs. One of the industry pioneers in constructing these affordable ADUs without compromising build quality is ADU.Works. With the use of structural insulated panels, helical pile foundations, and engineered plan sets, the Bay Area builder is able to provide homeowners with ADU products that can be built in almost half the time and cost of a traditional ADU Builder.

“We wanted to create a better experience for people looking to build ADU’s after building one ourselves. A quick look around, however, revealed that ADUs remained prohibitively expensive or otherwise unappealing. They took an awful lot of time to construct and both the customer service and the process were poor. We knew things could be so much better – that’s why we created ADU.Works

– Conrad Kimball, Chief Executive Officer.

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