Most jurisdictions allow you to build up to 1200 sqft. Always check with your city first before you decide on square footage, as some jurisdictions can be more restrictive. 

California has allowed a 4′ setback off property lines. There can be other restrictions due to the city you work in, so check with your local jurisdiction or call us to provide that information.

ADU WORKS’ Models are all pre-designed and engineered to save our clients time and money that goes into custom planning any dwelling. Therefore – if you want to change the floor plan or other structural elements within our models, our architect has to custom-produce new plans, which significantly adds more cost than choosing one of our models.

No – your ADU is yours to rent out or use to provide extra space to a family member.

Typically you can add both one primary ADU and one junior ADU on any single family residential property. Junior ADUs have to reside within the existing homes footprint and cannot exceed 500sqft. You will need to reach out to your local jurisdiction to check on multi-family properties, as many interpret laws regarding ADUs differently.

Not at this time.

This depends on your jurisdiction – and we recommend you speak with your jurisdiction before confirming any ADU built close to the existing home.

ADU WORKS offers designs choices along the ADU build process but will offer a customization package for customers who want to personalize their ADU. 

The amount will vary based on different factors, including: type of loan (HELOC, Cash-out Refi, Reconstruction, etc.), your credit score, and the amount of equity you have in your property.