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General Inquiries

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are separate, distinct apartments built on single-family or, in some cases, multi-family residential lots. ADUs are also known as guest houses, mother-in-law suites, granny flats, and backyard cottages.

ADUs are classified into two types: detached and attached units. A detached unit is a standalone structure in the backyard or side yard. An Attached Unit is a space within the primary home that is converted, such as an attic, garage, or basement.

Thousands of ADUs are being built across the United States because they are an excellent way to address the housing crisis while also generating passive income for their owners. Furthermore, ADUs are less expensive than other types of housing and make efficient and environmentally friendly use of existing land.

ADUs also contribute to emerging socio-economic trends in the United States. ADUs make it easier to age in place. They enable multigenerational households, making it easier and less expensive to care for aging parents. ADUs are frequently used by homeowners to generate additional income to supplement other sources. Finally, downsizing and minimalist living are popular, and the trend is expected to continue. ADUs allow people to simplify their lives while still living in a community setting.

The ability to build an ADU on your property is determined by the city's (or county's) building and planning jurisdictions. It may even be determined by your neighborhood. You can look up your city's rules here or contact us for assistance.

ADU size is determined by a number of factors, including your city's (or county's) ADU rules, FAR (floor area ratio), rear yard coverage, and other calculations. You can look up your city's rules here or contact us for assistance.

Backyard ADUs are detached living spaces that have the appearance and feel of a house but on a smaller scale. Our ADU design paths range from 450 to 1200 square feet of floor space, depending on regulations and the size of the land. The majority of our design paths include an open concept kitchen and living room space, full-size appliances, a washer/dryer, and 1-2 bathrooms. Each unit is built with the highest quality materials by our manufacturer partners.

Exteriors are tailored to your home's and neighborhood's characteristics. We use new and existing landscaping features to create privacy between your home and the location of the ADU.

Pricing & Financing

The following are the most common methods we've seen:

  • Lines of credit for home equity
  • Transfer your liquid assets to this long-term, flexible asset.
  • Loan secured by non-retirement assets
  • Selling a family member's home in order to relocate them to an ADU

Yes. ADU Works can assist you in developing a payment strategy based on your specific situation. Contact us here for assistance.

No. The ADU will, however, result in a supplemental line increase on your tax bill, rather than an overall property reassessment.

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