The key to fast, inexpensive, energy-efficient ADU’s? Panelized construction.

What is a SIP panel?
A SIP’s panel, also know as a Sandwich panel generally consists of an insulating layer of rigid core foam sandwiched between two layers of structural board and used widely as a home building material. The outer layers could be sheet metal, plywood, cement board, magnesium oxide(MgO) or oriented strand board(OSB), with the core most commonly being expanded(EPS) or extruded polystyrene(XPS) foam, and in our case polyurethane foam(PU). With this rigid insulation core SIP’s panels share the same structural properties as an I-Beam or I-column with the benefit of an insulated vapor barrier, allowing exceptional thermal performance all year round in any climate.

How are we different?
Our panels are supplied as either standard panels, or complete modular wall and roof systems which include all service conduits and window/door cutouts for fast, efficient installation of the structure, electrical and plumbing.
Our panels are lightweight yet strong which also provide the perfect solution for the modular home industry where there is currently very little, if any, viable options available for single skin Sip’s panel wall systems.

The thermal efficiency and waterproofing properties of our structural foam core are the highest available allowing for thinner, stronger wall construction allowing a vapor barrier while still achieving the same overall finished thickness of wall.

All panels include required service conduits for electrical and plumbing needs allowing for a fully watertight shell within 1 Day, so you can move straight onto internal fit out.

How are the panels constructed?
Our panels are able to be pre-finished in a variety of internal and external skins, all depending on the intended use. The panels are then inserted into our engineered press complete with the chosen skins, and injected with specially formulated expanding Polyurethane foam.

3 Benefits of SIPs vs Traditional Stick-Framing
Matt Risinger of ‘Build’ chats about the reasons to use SIPs and why they are a great option for construction.

Are our panels harmful to the environment?
All the raw products used in our structural insulated panel systems are sourced locally from sustainable, recyclable materials which pose no harmfull effects to the environment at its end of life cycle.

What is the lifespan of these panels?
SIP panels have been used extensively in construction throughout Europe and America for over 60 years, further to this studies on foam have been undertaken in the many varieties of use cases and have reported that the Polyurethane foam of this age had been tested and showed no signs of degrading.

What are your warranties?
Our panel foam core comes with a massive 50 year guarantee with external skins ranging from 10-25 years depending on the chosen product, location and independent supplier terms. We offer full after sales support so you can rest assured we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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