Pittsburg City


July 28, 2022

Pittsburg, California


Pittsburg's ADU code has been amended to comply with recent state regulations. The most recent specifications for approving an ADU in this community are listed below.


ADUs may be built on any property zoned for single-family, two-family, or multifamily use.


The number of ADUs you can build is determined by how your lot is zoned:

  • Lots zoned for single-family residences may add 1 (one) ADU and 1 (one) Junior ADU (JADU).
  • Lots zoned for two-family or multi-family may have up to two detached ADUs per lot, or up to 25% of the existing units in the building if non-living space is converted.


The maximum ADU you can build depends on the ADU type:

  • The maximum size is 500 sq. ft. for a JADU
  • 850 sq. ft. for a one bedroom detached ADU
  • 1,000 sq. ft. for a 2 bedroom detached ADU
  • Attached ADUs can be 1,000 sq. ft. or 50% of the existing area of the primary dwelling, whichever is greater.


16 feet


Single-family and multi-family residential parcels will not be subject to the underlying zoning district's minimum lot size or by ordinance for ADU projects.


  • Not permitted within any portion of an established front yard, as defined by PMC 18.06.745 (B).
  • Must be located at least 4 feet from the walls of the primary dwelling unit or an accessory structure.
  • Minimum 4 feet side, corner side and/or rear yard setback, provided the maximum height does not exceed 16 feet with a roof having a pitch of 3:12 or greater.
  • Corner side yard setback may be increased as necessary to maintain a sight distance triangle formed by the intersecting street lines and a line joining points on these street lines at a distance of 30 feet from the intersection of these lines.


Unless any of the following conditions are met, only one parking space is required:

  • The ADU is about a half-mile walk from public transportation.
  • The ADU is located in a historically and architecturally significant district.
  • The ADU is a component of the primary residence, whether proposed or existing, or an accessory structure.
  • When on-street parking permits are required but are not made available to the occupant of an ADU.
  • When a car-sharing vehicle is within one block of the ADU.


From January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2025, owner occupancy is not required for an ADU permit. This is a fantastic opportunity for landlords to increase their yields in a cost-effective manner.


Amount based on valuation – only after getting a quote from a GC

Water/Sewer Line Connection Fee

  • $5,441.00 for the connection fee for a 748 sq. ft. ADU (5/8″)
  • $2,100.00 deposit to put in the meter as an average cost

Impact Fees

(3) (A) A local agency, special district, or water corporation shall not impose any impact fee upon the development of an accessory dwelling unit less than 750 square feet. Any impact fees charged for an accessory dwelling unit of 750 square feet or more shall be charged proportionately in relation to the square footage of the primary dwelling unit.

Source: AB-68 Land Use: Accessory Dwelling Units (https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200AB68)


  • Average time for ADU plan sets approval - 60 days
  • ADU must comply with California Building Code fire safety requirements. If the primary dwelling has sprinklers, the ADU must have sprinklers.
  • There are no design requirements, in which case the ADU must be similar in shape, materials and style to the primary dwelling.Passageways shall not be required in conjunction with the construction of an accessory dwelling unit.
  • New or separate utility connections may be required, but connection fees or capacity charges shall be proportional to the impact of the ADU on the sewer or water systems. It shall not be disproportionately higher than those to develop primary dwellings, so as not to deter the development of ADUs.



Planning Project Contact

Kelsey Gunter, Assistant Planner

Tel: (925)-252-4824

Fax: (925)-252-4920

Email: kgunter@pittsburgca.gov

Address: 65 Civic Avenue, Pittsburg, California 94565

This quick reference manual should be useful to you while you work on your ADU project. Our in-house permit technician will process your permit on your behalf without adding any markups as part of our service if you choose to construct with us.

Please don't hesitate to schedule a meeting with us if you're interested in building with ADU.Works or to give us a call at (650)-227-4810. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and go over the details of how your permission will be processed. Our staff is eager to hear from you.