All-Season Solar Panels

All our ADU Units are equipped with solar panels designed to absorb power even in the shade.

Maximizes Natural Light

We have strategically placed windows on every side of your ADU to maximize the use of natural light.

Energy Star-Rated Appliances

Our ADU units come inclusive of energy-efficient appliances - all of which are Energy Star-rated.

Open Floor Plan

We designed our ADUs with an open floor plan to make wise use of every square foot for your optimal comfort & productivity.

Title 24 Compliant

We made sure that all our ADU units are Title 24 Compliant - adhering to the energy guidelines of the State of California.

Hybrid Build Process

We manufacture our prefab panels in a contained environment off-site, minimizing the environtal impact of the onsite construction process.


Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

  • No Wall Cavities for Mold Growth
  • No Harmful Chemicals Used
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Better Insulation Saves Energy
  • Structurally Superior

*vs. Stick-Built Framing

Helical Piles/ Screw Piles

  • Fewer Manpower Required
  • Less Machinery Used
  • Practical & Serviceable
  • Lesser Carbon Footprint
  • Easily Recyclable

*vs. Concrete Slab-On Foundation


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