ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, have been gaining popularity to increase the housing available in a city. They can take many forms, but all have one goal: to provide more affordable housing for people who need it. There are many ways to construct an ADU, and we consider prefabricated modular construction the most cost-efficient and quickest to build without compromising reliability or build quality.  

A prefab or modular ADU is a dwelling unit mainly assembled in a factory setting before being transported to its permanent location. The term “modular” refers to the home being built in modules or sections, which are then put together on-site.

Modular homes are also referred to as prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) homes. These homes are at least 70% prefabricated, which means that most of the work is done in a factory setting before the house is shipped to its final destination. 

These ADUs are small homes that can be attached to or detached from an existing house. Often, these are used as guesthouses, studios, or in-law apartments. If you’re considering adding an ADU to your property, here are three advantages of Modular ADUs can help with your construction planning.

One of the significant benefits of this type of construction is that it allows for a much faster build time than traditional site-built homes. In addition, modular homes are often more affordable than their site-built counterparts, making them an attractive option for many homebuyers.

1. Simpler Process For Homeowners

Modular ADUs are great for those who want the flexibility of being involved in design but don’t have time or energy to coordinate construction projects independently. Though they’re prefabricated, modular ADUs still allow you to choose what type of flooring colors, countertop patterns, and roof & siding type to use without having any worries about coordination. An experienced builder like ADU.Works, will even match the exterior of your primary home with your ADU.

With modular ADUs, you can be involved in the design process of the colors and patterns your semi-customizable unit will use without the hassle of being part of the material procurement and measuring process in home improvement stores.

To know the choices that options you can choose for ADU.Works’ Maverick Series, you can download our Catalog by filling up the form below:

2. Clearer Expectations and Timelines

The timeline is another excellent benefit of modular ADUs. Because these units often use pre-engineered plan sets, they can be placed and stuck to a deadline by contractors with experience building them. Even before any structure has been constructed, you can already set your expectations based on the proven plan sets this construction method usually has.

In addition, unlike stick-built framing methods, where most of the construction is done on-site, the builder has to deal with unpredictable outside elements such as logistic delays, weather, and other environmental conditions. Building inside a factory, on the other hand, changes all that. Aside from being protected from the mentioned elements, it also assures the quality and consistency of the build materials manufactured. 

With ADU.Works using the combination of 3 innovative factors, which include structural insulated panels (SIPs), helical piles, and pre-engineered plans, the estimated completion time for the on-site build process only takes around 45-60 days for their Maverick ADUs. To know more, you can schedule a call with us or book a free showroom visit.

3. Lower Construction Cost

A faster timeline and a more straightforward build process allow modular ADUs to be built with a lesser workforce in comparison to traditional methods of construction. Especially when combining helical pile foundation methods with SIPs, staffing is effectively streamlined without cutting corners. Ultimately, this translates to having lower overall costs for your ADU.

Aside from having fewer people to manage, modular ADUs also reap the benefits of factory production, which involve economy of scale, standardization efficiency, and multi-level quality checks. These factors help assure homeowners that no compromise was made despite modular ADUs being more affordable. 

BONUS: Aside from using innovative methods that make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to have accessory dwelling units, we at ADU.Works is taking it a step further with our Permit Price Guarantee. With this, we significantly reduce the stress and anxiety of our customers worrying about how much their permits would cost. Each Jurisdiction have their own rates, which can be intimidating and sometimes confusing for most homeowners.

Our permit price guarantee charges an upfront price on top of your ADU. If your jurisdiction permit costs go above that, we’ll cover it. If it goes below that amount, we’ll credit it to your project. It saves homeowners a lot of hassle going back and forth with city planning offices to secure the payments for their permits application and processing.


Modular construction is a great option to consider if you’re planning to add an ADU to your property. Modular homes are built in a factory setting and then transported to the home site, which reduces build time and can save you money on construction costs. In addition, modular homes often meet or exceed traditional site-built homes in terms of quality, efficiency, and durability. Contact us today if you have questions about building an ADU with modular construction!

If you want to see our build materials physically, please don’t hesitate to book a free showroom visit with us or give us a quick call through our number +1 (650) 227-4810. We would be happy to help you get started on this exciting project!

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